Do you know How to Maintain your Water Filter in Case of Emergency? Understand and Learn

Maintaining your water purifier from the very start is very vital to make sure that you are not putting the health of your family in harm’s way. Reverse osmosis membrane uses a multi-step set up to make sure that the end product water comes out in a purified and satisfyingly refreshed form. The reverse osmosis system water filtration Aquaguard service uses different filters to remove various contaminants in the different steps, thus making the process a simple but comprehensive one.

The water purifications system usually uses the membrane, which is ultra-thin and is semi-permeable, and it allows the passing of the water molecules. But not the contaminants like the organic and inorganic salts, bacteria, pathogens which are often naked to the eyes, chemicals, and other impurities. The water purification system turns the waters safe for drinking after making sure that it has passed through all the steps.

Often the water that you get from the municipal corporation gives you the taste of water from a swimming pool because of the sole reason that it contains chlorine. The chlorine is added by the municipal. To make sure that the water that would be travelling miles should not be polluted or get contaminated while passing through the old rustic pipes.  Therefore not always the water that falls from your tap is of quality drinking water standard.

Ensure That You Get Clean And Safe, Pure Drinking Water

You must start using a quality water filtration system. Nowadays installing one is not a luxury but a necessity that you cannot ignore. The contaminated water first passes through the sediment filter and then through the carbon filter, ultimately making it to the RO filters. After the whole procedure has been completed, the water is flushed out through an outlet pipe, and after that, it gets stored inside a storage tank.

You must understand why it is so important to clean and sanitize your water filter at regular intervals. Otherwise, the water purifier might not work properly, and you would end up with water that is contaminated and could also suffer from water-borne diseases.  Thus here a few tips that would help you keep your water filter in good condition for a long time to come.

Regular Changing of the Filter

This is one of the crucial steps that you cannot miss. The filters of any water filtration system require cleaning at least every 3 months. The main reason behind this would be that the contaminants that are removed from the water get stored inside these tanks and after sometime clogs them. Not cleaning and taking enough precautions could lead to some severe damage to your health, which might also cause the damage of the water filtrations system. Not cleaning the water purification system could lead to damage to the capacity and quality of water. Thus if you do not change the filters at regular intervals, you might contaminate water. It is important that you schedule filter change and cleaning services at regular intervals.

A sediment filter removes all the bigger particles, and it is essential that at least once a year, you go for filter cleaning and if required, filter changing. Though it depends on your use how many times you should go for service. The sediment filter helps in removing the bigger particles and also protects the RO membranes by not allowing any particle to get in contact with it.

The carbon filter is known for removing the chlorine from your water and thus improves the taste of the water. It also eliminates any odour from the water and makes it fit for drinking. And at the end the RO membrane which kills all the bacteria and gives optimum quality water. Keep in mind that the scheduling Aquaguard service center for cleaning the water filters depends on household water usage.

Looking for Drips and Leaks

It is essential to notice and observe whether you could find any leakage on any part of the water system or not. If you do not take the right step, it could cause a lot of problems. Thus finding out the reason for leakage is essential to save the machine from undergoing any damage.


Without cleaning the water filter on time, often it could lead to bacterial growth. Clean the pipes and the water filtration system tank at regular intervals and point out any problems to the professional. Sanitizing the water filter would help you to keep it in good condition for a long time and also provide you with safe, pure drinking water. Thus when you are replacing the filters, opt for sanitizing the whole water purification system as well.

Only when you follow these would you be able to receive optimal performance. Taking an active role in keeping your water filter clean and service would help you along a way to keep it in good condition.

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